January 2023 Meeting Minutes

President Nate Barhorst called the January 20, 2023 meeting to order at 11:30 am at the Loramie Brewing Company. Members present were: Nate Barhorst, Courtney Prueter, Jason Meinerding, Ryan Homan, Zach Sommer, Rob Huddleston, Jenny Frilling & Susie Singer.

The minutes from the October 13th meeting were given to all.


Treasurer’s Report was read by Zach Sommer


General Account –

German Heritage Days Account

Checking – Gift Certificates –

Money Market Account –

Money Market Account (GHD) –


For those interested in financial information, please contact the Chamber or e-mail for information.

Treasurer’s report was approved by Courtney Prueter and Jenny Frilling.


Old Business

· Chamber/Village Holiday Party

o Many comments were made about our new location and less noisy

o Presentation went over well and will like to do that again for this years

o Expenses we had was for Wagner’s and Meyers’ Garage for beverages

o Village took care of the food


· Member Renewal

o 73 paid and 1 cancelled and 12 haven’t paid yet

o We are going to send out the 2nd request

o Thought about having our Holiday party invite go out with the renewals next year


· Culpepper & Merriweather Circus

o Contact Dave Williams 217-615-4169

o Going to give his number to Corey Britton to see if that group would like to do it for a fundraiser



New Business

· Donations

o Ad for Lake Loramie Recreational Guide-will do it this year

o Liberty Days-4 Chamber Bucks for $25.00 each


· 2023 Events Planning and Chamber Initiatives

o 2nd Seminar of SOCA-March 2-Looking at which Venue and Food

o April to Mid May to do Professional Headshots

o Night at the Gazebo date is June 9 and Summer Gazebo August 13

o Discussed other options for Seminars for 2nd quarter

o Looking at upgrading Mail Chimp and adding more benefits with email



The meeting was adjourned by Ryan Homan and Jason Meinerding. The date and location of the next meeting is to be determined.




Businesses are encouraged to post information on the Chamber Facebook page. Please contact the Chamber if you have anything to post.


Minutes submitted by Susie Singer.

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