March 2023 Meeting Minutes

President Nate Barhorst called the March 23, 2023 meeting to order at 11:30 am at the Perin Pavilion. Members present were: Nate Barhorst, Jason Meinerding, Ryan Homan, Zach Sommer, Rob Huddleston, Jenny Frilling & Susie Singer.


The minutes from the January 20th meeting were given to all. Motion by Zach Sommer and second by Ryan Homan


Treasurer’s Report was read by Zach Sommer


General Account –

German Heritage Days Account

Checking – Gift Certificates –

Money Market Account –

Money Market Account (GHD) –


For those interested in financial information, please contact the Chamber or e-mail for information.

Treasurer’s report was approved by Jenny Frilling and Ryan Homan.


Old Business

· Lake Loramie Recreational Guide

o Pass out copies

o Have a full page with members listed and current events


· Member Renewal

o Still have some outstanding still owed

o Working with Meiring to get the 2nd notice out


· Culpepper & Merriweather Circus

o Contact Dave Williams 217-615-4169

o Basketball is no longer able to do it

o Going to contact Dave and let him know lets try next year


· Chamber Connect Luncheon

o Very informative on ones that came

o Trying to find a way to get more members to take advantage



New Business

· Ft Loramie Fire/Annual Egg Hunt

o Going to do what we did last year. $300.00

o Also going to promote on Facebook



· 2023 Events Planning and Chamber Initiatives

o April to Mid May to do Professional Headshots

§ Thought about doing lunch and after hours time

§ Make it a social, but might have benefit content rolling


§ Recertification for the ones that took it last year

§ Going to have Shirley Johns take control of running with it

o New opportunities

§ Buckeye Trail Town

§ 2024 Solar Eclipse

o Night at the Gazebo date is June 9 and Summer Gazebo August 13

§ Getting bands

§ Getting food trucks

§ Getting kids entertainment



The meeting was adjourned by Zach Sommer and Rob Huddleston. The date and location of the next meeting is to be determined.



Businesses are encouraged to post information on the Chamber Facebook page. Please contact the Chamber if you have anything to post.


Minutes submitted by Susie Singer.

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