March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Fort Loramie Chamber of Commerce Minutes

March 10, 2022



President Nate Barhorst called the March 10, 2022 meeting to order at 2:00 pm at the Fort Loramie Conference Room. Members present were: Nate Barhorst, Courtney Prueter, Tony Schmitmeyer, Jason Meinerding, Ryan Homan, Zach Sommer, Teresa Puthoff, Rob Huddleston & Susie Singer.


The minutes from the January 21st meeting were approved by Jason Meinerding and second by Courtney Prueter.



Treasurer’s Report was read by Zach Sommer


General Account –

German Heritage Days Account

Checking – Gift Certificates –

Money Market Account –

Money Market Account (GHD) –


For those interested in financial information, please contact the Chamber or e-mail for information.

Treasurer’s report was approved by Ryan Homan second by Rob Huddleston.


Old Business

· Membership Drive

o We have 94 members

o 78 businesses renewed for 80%

o Second request was not sent out yet


· Board of Directors

o 6 members are on a 1 year term which ends October 2022

o 3 members are on a 2 year term

§ Talked about maybe getting some members to stagger the time

§ Even if current board members would do a staggered term


· February 24th SOCA event was at 1:00 pm at the Wooden Shoe

§ 4 Benefits that are going to be gone over

§ 30 people were there


New Business


· Fort Loramie Fire Department Easter Egg Hunt

o Donation request

o Decided to do 300.00 and the Fire Department just ask that we put it on our Facebook page to promote it


· SOCA Benefit Set up

o Program Implementation

§ Implementing some benefits to our members like Chamber Energy and HR Strategies

o Website Material-promote

o Letting the members know about what is offered


· Events Planning

· Branding Seminar with Photo Head shots available

· Cyber/Business Continuity looking at doing April/May

· Night at the Gazebo June 10

· Summer Gazebo August 21

· 2022 Initiatives

o Do we want to change email platform, Mail or any policies-looking at doing Microsoft

o Donating to Liberty Days-Gift Certificates





The meeting was adjourned by Ryan Homan and second by Zach Sommer. The date and location of the next meeting is to be determined.





Businesses are encouraged to post information on the Chamber Facebook page. Please contact the Chamber if you have anything to post.


Minutes submitted by Susie Singer.

The Chamber e-mail is

Check us out on the web at: and on Facebook.

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