November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Fort Loramie Chamber of Commerce Minutes

November 3, 2021



President Nate Barhorst called the November 3, 2021 meeting to order at 2:00 pm at Village of Fort Loramie Office. Members present were: Nate Barhorst, Susie Singer, Tony Schmitmeyer, Rob Huddleston, Jason Meinerding, Ryan Homan, Zach Sommer, & Teresa Puthoff.


Jason Meinerding moved to approve the minutes from the September 14th meeting; Rob Huddleston seconded the motion. The motion carried, and the minutes were approved as submitted.



Treasurer’s Report


General Account – $21,477.03

German Heritage Days Account –$71,249.47

Checking – Gift Certificates – $702.44

Money Market Account – $160.98

Money Market Account (GHD) – 4861.13


Teresa Puthoff made a motion to accept the reports and second by Tony Schmitmeyer. The motion carried.


For those interested in financial information, please contact the Chamber or e-mail for information.


Old Business

· Website Upgrade

o The website is up and live

o Talked about making a Stripe account so dues can be paid online

o All the forms and applications go to the nktelco email.

o Keep promoting it


· Circus 2022/2023

o Decided to see if there would be another group that would like to take it over for a fundraiser


· Chamber Brochure

o Theresa Hoying is still working and going to see where it is at

· FL Chamber Newsletter-Next Edition

o Content to include Circus, website promotion, highlight the Gazebo events p

o Remind about the Holiday party

· Membership Drive

o We have 94 members

o 58 businesses renewed for 60%

New Business

· Holiday Party

o Going to have the event December 8th at the Legion

o Sending out invitations and reminders

· Plans for rest of the year

o Maybe a retail night on Fridays

§ Sara Topp from Southwest Auglaize Chamber

§ Having a joint event to talk about benefits that SOCO offers

§ To be February 24 for an hour

§ Put dates to the Gazebo party tentatively

· Night at the Gazebo June 10

· Summer Gazebo August 21


The meeting was adjourned by Ryan Homan and Jason Meinerding. The date of the next meeting is December 1st. Location of the next Chamber meeting is to be determined.




Businesses are encouraged to post information on the Chamber Facebook page. Please contact the Chamber if you have anything to post.


Minutes submitted by Susie Singer.

The Chamber e-mail is

Check us out on the web at: and on Facebook.

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